Week 20 MasterKey Mastermind

Week 19 was a break and they are nice but then feel weird having a “free” Sunday and my family grabs them up.

Week 20 is another definition of good and evil, another way to understand, another Law to see in practice, another way to feel my spirit within me.  This Lesson has had so many highlighter moments for me that I may as well have just colored the whole dang thing!

But I put “stars” beside the ones I want to see at a glance like 20.2, I am nothing in my faith unless I recognize it and use it.

20.8 it is within me, the Universal, my great power

20.11 my Kingdom is within me

So I can keep going on for this whole lesson but how many more hammers to the head does it take to really know……………..everything I want is within me.  I have the power to do it all, have it all, be it all and you know what?  I am supposed to attend my company’s annual convention the first week of April and now, I don’t want to !

I don’t want to be with all the sheep there and listen to the speakers who will want to pour on cement when I am still jackhammering it away.  What to do?  I don’t need them anymore so do I really want to go just to see my friends in the business.

Week 18 MasterKey Mastermind

This week reinforces the Law of Attraction…….and I don’t mean looking at pretty people!

Learning how to attract others to you so that more of the Universal Mind is in play and sharing with people how they are part of it all.  It’s about intelligence, attention, perception, and faith.

It’s living each day as if it were your last and being the miracle you were created to be.

It’s working on the Franklin Makeover, doing the 5 Habits of the Compound Complex Progression, seeing shapes and flashing cards, saving Thursdays for the Laws of the Mind………let’s make every day a Thursday. And don’t live by the clock, use my compass.

Block out old negativity because it never existed anywhere but in my mind and my mind gets free of cement each and every day I am on this wonderful Earth.  Gratitude is the key, kindness, love, give more than I get and always keep my promises.

Week 17 MasterKey Mastermind

This week our lesson has the word concentration 25 times in it.  I love the reinforcement of this program and it happens when we don’t even realize it but this I did.

It begins with “The kind of Deity a man/woman, consciously or unconsciously,  worships, indicates the intellectual status of the worshipper.”  Then continues with examples until those of us living now can certainly relate to, the “gods” of famous people, power, fashion, conventionality and whatever society is telling us.  A couple years ago I did a Bible study called “No Other Gods” and it was made plain what my God thinks of those false idols we sometimes put in His place.  Sometimes mine are movies or TV shows or books or my kids and grandchildren because I put those things ahead of God, also me and what my life should be focused on.

God gave me this awesome brain and I need to concentrate more on what I could and should be doing with my life.  I’ve always been a giver and in service, but what more is there I haven’t done and could be?

So concentrate, use my intuition, perceive and listen to that inner voice in the stillness time of my day and then take action.

Week 16 MasterKey Mastermind

Here I am again thinking this post was done but yet I hadn’t hit the Publish button.  So I added a few things and tried to save………….no good.  I do not see how people to this for a living but I know I haven’t given it a fair chance.

Took Davene’s Digital Solutions class Monday and one thing was, “don’t like to blog, then do videos!”  Good grief that makes feel even weirder………..70 can’t be too old to want to use Social Media, look at Mark J!  So I have to force myself to do this and I will.

Anyway my original post was about finding out the 4 main Star Wars characters can be found in all of us.  I was telling the story of seeing the first movie over 43 years ago.  My gang was working 2nd shift so I left work early to go buy tickets for all of us to a MIDNIGHT MOVIE SHOWING!!!  Just totally unheard of back then guys and gals.  It was just so exciting to be going to a movie at that time of day and then the movie turns out to be something we had never seen before………….what an event.

The other part of this post has to be on Benjamin Franklin, the person I would most want to meet if I could.  We have started our makeover using his practice of taking one virtue (attribute) to work on every week for 13 weeks.  The first week I picked self-control, the second we are all doing kindness (picked for us) and my third week will be organization.

Week 15 MasterKey Mastermind

Knowledge doesn’t apply itself. Knowledge learned and not used will just go away.

Over 70 years I have learned many, many things and now it is humbling to think about some of the treasures I have thrown away but I am so grateful for the ones I have kept.

I am the light of the world but that isn’t gloating, it is a fact.  So are you…………and we need to shine brighter.  We need to love more, give more, share the knowledge we do have that someone else may not. They may not want it yet, but give it anyway because of the old saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  Wouldn’t we all feel good to be that teacher?

When we do something confidently, who knows the people who may be watching and will take courage to try it themselves?  It cracks me up when my 21 year old granddaughter listens to me when I am on a business phone call and after she says “Gram, you always sound so powerful and smart and nice when you talk to people.  I want to be like that when I grow up”.  She is watching me and listening and imitating because children learn more what is caught then what is taught.  (And she has given me her permission to still call her a child because right now, she is not enjoying “adulting”.)

She doesn’t know I’ve been watching her too.  This week she is my example for self-control.  She works two jobs, never has a day off but is determined to be in great shape and has gone to the gym every day this week. She looks fabulous.

I have failed with my self-control, ate the best piece of cake I’ve had in months tonight at a local store’s anniversary party, but I met a new business contact who owns four stores so I am gladly trading the calories.  I will apply my knowledge when we meet again.

Week 14 MasterKey Mastermind

October Sky, Cool Runnings, Door to Door, Rudy, A Good Lie, Wild, Mully

What do these movies all have in common?  Right now they are homework for the holiday break and I am happy I have seen a couple of them over and over already.

Rudy is one of the all-time great movies and based on a true story as most of these are.  Everyone can watch this movie and if they don’t get something out of it, I feel sorry for them.  Same with Cool Runnings and I know I’ve watched both of these movies at least 5 times or more and enjoy them everytime.

Door to Door with the great William Macy is a true study in persistence.  Wild falls in the same category and she had no choice but to keep going.

I had never seen Mully or October Sky and while I enjoyed Mully, October Sky captured my heart for the sheer wonder of such a young person knowing his true path and not stopping until he got to his goal.  Yes it was a team effort but come on, Jake G. !!

I am still on the waiting list at the library for A Good Lie, but I know what it will be about.  Haven’t you guessed it yet?

The Hero’s Journey………….where the good guys have a dream, then a goal, then a plan and they don’t stop until they get there, no matter the obstacles in their way.

Do you stop?

Week 13 MasterKey Mastermind

Watching Luc’s video on “To Persist Is To Live” and finally climbing a mountain after wanting to for 23 years should be watched over and over.  It truly is a metaphor for what we’re doing here with MMKMMA.  Mark and Davene are our climbing guides and we must trust them and follow.  Even when we can’t see them, just hang on to the rope and remember that quitting is not an option.  Quitting would be the rejection of being my highest self, what God planned for me from the moment of my birth.

Maybe now being a dreamer is going to be a really good thing…………yes!!  I love this in our MasterKey lesson for this week from Herbert Kaufman, “They (dreamers) are the architects of greatness….they peer beyond the veils and mists of doubt and pierce the walls of unborn time………..Your homes are set upon the land a dreamer found.”  I’ve been a dreamer all my life but never had found the path that would take me to my highest self.  Just kept making mistake after mistake but the one thing I did do right, I persist.

The thing pictured in my mind will become my own.  I always keep my promises.

Week 12 MasterKey Mastermind

Knowledge doesn’t apply itself, wonder how many times I have heard that over the years?  Plenty, and until a person is ready to apply it, wonder how many times they get the same knowledge?

I love how the Master Key explains the focus…………pretend you are looking through a camera and now focus that lens.  I probably look through more binoculars than cameras these days, and after 2 years I still don’t know how to use all the benefits of my phone to take pictures. (Not a millenial in sight here, ok?! Wait a minute! One just came out of the bathroom with her clothes stuck on her head and needs help from Grammy….tried to take 3 shirts off at once and the bottom one was buttoned.)

In a past life I tried to follow this:  Follow One Course Until Successful   see that FOCUS?  But I am not good at following one course, never have and tried many times.  Discipline is my downfall and seems to get worse as I age.  That is why staying in this program is so important to me.  This is the one course I have to follow.  I must have knowledge, courage , faith and be an example to those millenials that look up to me and love me and are having a hard time “adulting”.

And like their parents and my brother and our parents, the one thing we do have in common is…we never quit.

Week 11 MasterKey Mastermind Alliance

More to do, more to get behind on, need my PPN now of True Health!  But I am starting over with my index cards, they are too important to get behind on.

This week we added an affirmation of “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”.  I even got a postcard from my Guide with it and it’s posted on my desk so I see it while working my j.o.b.

AND, we have to condense our DMP into one sentence!!  Mine is actually close to the new affirmation and I had it in my head before I saw that.

The lesson this week is about induction and all I think is the stove top, but nooooooooooo  it’s reasoning that comes to a general conclusion.  And I am learning more conclusions and deductions and logics than I thought I needed to know.